Ooh, look! The headshot fairy
visited while Audrey was at, what
appears to be, a Taco Bell!

The Short Version

This is the blog of a fangirl. Hence the title.

The Slightly Longer Version

Audrey, in her not-so-secret third person, is a long-time magazine writer and video producer who recently sold her first two screenplays. On the inside, she is still the same bowl-cutted, braces-needing geek she was back in fifth grade the day she cried from sheer inspiration during a class viewing of Kate Capshaw's "Space Camp". 

She is a member of the Women Film Critics Circle and completed her MA in Creative Writing in May 2011. Audrey was once mentioned in the Huffington Post by documentary director Mark Edlitz for her feminist thoughts on Princess Leia's gold bikini, to which her mother replied, "That's nice dear, what's a Huffington Post?"



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Audrey reads a nonfiction essay from her graduate thesis, "Growing Up Weird"...